San Diego is Getting it's Own Official Beer

by Lizzy C July 11, 2017

San Diego is Getting it's Own Official Beer

Image by CBS8News via Photo courtesy of Bay City Brewing Co.

Americans love beer! Being the nation’s top market for the number of operating craft beer breweries according to the San Diego Business Journal (1), San Diego will be the first city to have its own "Official Beer" - "72 and Hoppy". 

The Bay City Brewing Co. and San Diego Tourism Authority are scheduled to launch “72 and Hoppy.” today July 11, 2017 and they'll be available on taps in selective bars and restaurants throughout the city. Be sure to try it out if you're around the area! 

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(1)Hirsh, Lou (June 15, 2017). "Report: San Diego Tops U.S. Markets for Number of Active Breweries"San Diego Business Journal. Retrieved 16 June 2017.


Lizzy C
Lizzy C


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