Wall Plant Trellis / Christmas Light Hanging Kit


No drilling, no mess!
This is an ingenious product. Make a trellis of any shape and put it almost anywhere. To make a trellis, use the silicone glue to bond a number of the anchors to a wall or window. Next, string the wire from anchor to anchor to create a frame. Finally, use the vinyl tape to support plants on the newly created trellis. Extremely versatile, it adheres to virtually any surface.

Great for hanging outdoor Christmas lights too! Just attach lights to anchors with wires or vinyl tapes. Lights can be easily removed after the holiday season and can be used for year after year. No more removal of light hooks.

- Kit includes 90 anchors, 175' of wire, a roll of vinyl tape and a tube of silicone glue. 
- Additional anchors and glue can be purchased separately
- No drilling, adhere to any surface.  
- Glue can be easily remove with putty knife.
- Made in USA


Wall Plant Trellis / Christmas Light Hanging Kit has a rating of 4.8 stars based on 11 reviews.

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