Instant Snow To Go - 1 Gallon Polypack

Instant Snow To Go

Experience the wonder of making artificial snow instantly with the original and best artificial snow powder.
In seconds it looks real, feels cool, and is soft and fluffy to touch like fresh fallen snow. Have a snow frozen party when you bring winter fun indoors with the realistic look and cool feel of Snow To Go!

- Each pack makes over 1 gallon of artificial snow
- Each pack includes 1 pack of snow powder, 1 scoop, one Instruction sheet

How can I make instant snow?
- Just add water! Is that simple!

How do I clean up after use?
- Just brush the surface and throw it in the trash, or use a vacuum to pick up the snow. It is non-toxic, non-hazardous, environmentally polymer.

How long does the snow last?
- The snow will start to dehydrate after a few days. Just spray the top of snow with water and fluff the snow to give it a fresh, fluffy look. Or you can let it completely dry out and reuse again. That is - it lasts forever!

Is Instant Snow safe?
- Absolutely! Instant snow is safe to use around children and pets. Instant snow is a synthetic polymer with super water absorbing properties. It is the only non-toxic faux snow on the market today that erupts in seconds when water is added. Similar super absorbent polymers have been used in the past to absorb moisture in commercial products. Snow polymer is so realistic that is it now being used in indoor snowboarding parks throughout the world.

Type: Snow to go

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