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Cracked Black Pepper Brisket Beef Jerky

OC Smokehouse

Since you're here you are looking for a full-on pepper flavored jerky that has an additional tangy taste? Look no more – here, you’ve found it in our beef brisket jerky.

The beefy snack is highly seasoned with quality ingredients and is blended with an old fashion recipe that brings about a tasty treat that will make you want more. It features a rich, peppery flavor made by adding cracked peppercorns – people who are looking for a sharper kick in their snacks will take a delight in this jerky’s subtle spice.

Going on a bike ride, hike up the mountain, maybe a day at the lake or beach? Open up a pack of this delicious protein snack and share it with your friends as you enjoy the day!

- Our Original with cracked peppercorns for an old fashion peppery flavor.
- Gluten free
- No added preservatives 
- No MSG, no nitrates, no nitrites, no fillers and no binders of any kind
- Lower sodium content than most commercial manufacturers
- Using the highest quality brisket cut of beef. Our beef is never chopped, pressed or formed
- Highest standard to produce our exceptional taste and tenderness
- 3 oz bag

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