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Coloring Dinner Placemats - Fantastic



Set your table with our festive paper placemats for hours of coloring fun!

This pack of 24 mats has an assortment of 6 different designs to color, and is ideal for dinners, parties, and playdates, but can also be used as desk mats or frame-able posters! The possibilities are endless!

Neon coloring pen box set is also available.

- Designed & made in France
- Each pack contains 24 placemats, with 4 sheets for each of the 6 design.
- Designs include - Pyramid, Ranch, Camping, Birthday, Paradise and Cosmos.
- Dimensions: 11.8" x 16.5" (30 x 42 cm)
- Printed on 120gr/m² offset paper
- Pen Set - Set of 9 double tipped neon colors felt pens each with one fine and one large tips. Made in Italy.

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