Minoshi Garden Ceiling Mobile

Atelier Oï

Designed by Atelier Oï in collaboration with Gifu Prefecture and the Gifu Federation of Paper Industries, Minoshi Garden is a modular flat-pack mobile made with one of the oldest Japanese papers.

Minoshi Garden is an interpretation of the mysterious spirit of Japanese landscapes. Akin to the light and shadow play of screens in Japanese houses, the translucent nature of multiple geometric origami elements project serenity and a dynamic addition to any space.

“Honminoshi” paper owes its superior quality to the pure river water used to wash the long mulberry fibers. This 1,300 year old paper making method is safeguarded and passed down through generations.

- Large format rice paper ceiling mobile, flat-pack, 31 shades
- Box: 23.75” x 12” x 1” h; 1.5 lbs
- Assembled: 47.2” diameter, height varies from 25.5” to 35.4” depending on the desired length (a length of fish line is included)

About Atelier Oï
Atelier Oï was founded in 1991 in La Neuveville, Switzerland, by Aurel Aebi, Armand Louis and Patrick Reymond.


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