Rose Earl Grey Organic Tea Drop with Rose Petals

Tea Drops


Bold and royal, our lightly sweetened Earl Grey Tea Drop has a distinctive flavor of Bergamot orange with a hint of English rose.

Individually wrapped single serve so easy to bring a few on the go. No messy tea bag to deal with. Simply pour, drop and stir. Sediment at the bottom of your cup is expected and drinkable.

Bergamot orange, rose, vanilla

- Package: Individually wrapped single serve tea. No messy tea bags to deal with. 
- Simply pour, drop, and stir
- Can be enjoyed hot or iced

- Calories: 35
- Total Carbohydrates: 7g, Sugars: 7g
- Caffeine level: Medium
- Lightly sweetened with organic cane sugar. 

Organic Earl Grey Tea, Organic Black Tea Organic Raw Cane Sugar Organic Rose Petals

Organic Rose Petals contain a high concentration of vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin P, and are known to balance hormones. Some key benefits include: stress relief by producing anti-stress hormones, combating pigmentation & minimizing wrinkles, and a providing an immunity system boost. Bergamot Oil (in Earl Grey Tea) is derived from the name of a city in Italy called Bergamo. Throughout Europe since the 17th century, Bergamot was used as a disinfectant and perfume, due to its pleasing fragrance. Notable benefits include: promoting relaxation, decreasing tension, soothing sore throats, reducing canker sores, and promoting weight loss.

Type: Tea

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