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The Chart of Musical Instruments Poster

Pop Chart Lab

A massive mapping of melody-makers, this chart categorizes over 540 musical instruments!

Combining aspects of the historic Hornbostel-Sachs system of classification with an updated, intuitive approach to sorting songful stuff, this euphonic family tree breaks down aerophones (like oboes and flutes), chordophones (like fiddles and guitars), idio- and membranophones (drums!), and even electrophones (we’re looking at you, theremin) into an easy-to-follow diagram of beautiful hand-illustrations, rife with rich detail to harp on. So go ahead and sound the trumpets—your piece of pitch-perfect wall art is here.

- Size: 39" x 27"
- Each print comes in a Pop Chart Lab test tube and is pressed on 100 lb. archival stock certified by The Forest Stewardship Council
- This poster is pressed on an offset lithographic press with vegetable-based inks in Long Island City, New York.

Category: Decor, Home, Poster

Type: Poster

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