About Status Anxiety

What is Status Anxiety

Sydney base leather goods brand – Status Anxiety is fast becoming the staple of the fashion aware & design conscious. With a nonchalant demeanor and a make-up-your-own-mind attitude, Status Anxiety says no to sweating the small stuff.

Every piece is made of real leather and constructed to share life's moments with a breezy 'I'm ok', whilst getting the inevitable beating that everyday bags & accessories are subject too.

About Status Anxiety Wallets

Status Anxiety Mens Leather Wallets. But not just any old wallets. These stallions are packed with awesomeness in many and varied ways (general statement yes, but bear with me I’m getting there). Did someone say awesome mens wallets? Well anyway, being constructed of premium Italian leather has got to be a good thing (those Italians and their leathers). I’ve really got to get to the point... so to summarise, be awesome and get your self into one of these mens wallets. Awesome.