Fish Welcome Soap



A beautifully gift boxed "soap on a rope" from Tamanohada Soap Co. makes a wonderful present. The soap comes in three scents Muscovado, Pomegranate, and Lily. Each soap has a natural linen rope.

ABOUT "Welcome Soap"
A fish-shaped soap trimmed with a natural linen loop, contains the same historical and iconic integrity.
The shape portrays the Tai fish, a snapper native to the Western Pacific Ocean. In Japanese culture this fish signifies good fortune and great prosperity, making this soap a welcome bath accessory or gift for any household.
Made with certified sistainable palm oil, both soaps are not only itmes of necessity and sound environmental practices, but are visual and physical joys to hold and behiold. Palm oil is low in acidity so it's gentle on your skin.

Muscovado - Aroma of brown sugar
Pomegranate - Aroma of pomegrante, lemon oil and peppermint
Lily - Aroma of green leaves

- 10.9 oz 
- Made in Japan
- 7” h x 4” w
- Soap on a rope in gift box

Tamanohada's history dates back to 1892 during the Edo period as a producer of a spherical white soap ball called the "skin soap ball" which was known for its superior quality as a cosmetic product. Starting in the 1960s the company produced soaps for international luxury brands.

Type: Soap

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