Lebanese Seven Spice Organic Spice Blend

Spice Tree Organics

A delicious, warming blend found in every Lebanese spice cabinet, Lebanese Seven Spice delivers fragrant and irresistible meals every time. We love this blend to season ground meat, as a rub on steak or kababs, and it is absolutely delicious when used to flavor grains and lentils. You’ll find yourself reaching for Lebanese Seven Spice whenever you are grilling, roasting, or stewing!

- Lamb chops
- Mujadara (bulghur and lentils topped with fried onion)
- Ground beef kofta (1 tsp per lb of ground meat)
- Bulgur and cauliflower pilaf
- Kibbeh (Lebanese meatloaf)
- Stewed beef
- Roasted chicken on onion flatbread (Msakhan)

- Whole allspice*, cinnamon powder*, cracked black pepper*, cardamom seed*, coriander seed*, ginger root powder*, clove powder* (* Organic)
- 100% Organic, additive free, pesticide free, salt free, non irradiated
- Freshly ground, hand blended

- 2 oz / 56g

- Did you know that non-organic spices are sterilized using radiation or gases with carcinogenic or toxic reproductive by products?
- The spices we use are sterilized with steam, which means they retain their incredible medicinal properties. Non-irradiated spices taste fresher, too!

- Did you know that conventional spice blends usually contain GMO ingredients, synthetic anti-caking agents, and chemical additives?
- Spice Tree Organics' blends are GMO and preservative free. We promise they contain nothing but pure spice.

- Did you know many spice blends contain fillers like salt or maltodextrin to bulk up their weight without adding additional costs?
- The Spice Tree Organics' Kitchen has tested and perfected each one of our recipes, and we make our blends filler-free so you get the most for your money.

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