Lion Night Light LED Lamp

Mr Maria

Lion is part of the First Light - Miffy and Friends collection, a night light designed to be 'a little friend for a little miracle'.

This animal friend is known from Miffy's stories but is just a little different than the rest. Lion is bright yellow like sunshine, the perfect happy addition to your children's room. He has playful manes framing his innocent face and a sweeping tail when seen from the back. Lion is designed for the wild little ones, with plenty of energy and inspiring minds. A cool little lion as a brave protector, keeping a little one safe day and night.

The Lion night light made of soft silicone is 10" tall and has a dimmable LED module. Though he has a wild reputation, Lion turns out to be a comforting night light design.

During the day his yellow color is eye-catching, turn the light on and he will turn into a gentle creature with a comforting yellow glow. The Lion night light is dimmable through 6 dimming steps and even has a special night mode.

On the brightest setting he provides a light to play by and on night mode he shines with a comforting yellow glow. Especially on this special sleep mode, this Lion will take you to adventurous dreams.

Lion sits still to be recharged with the yellow USB-C cable delivered in the same little box. Please only a certified DC5V USB adapter with max. 2A (not included).

- Rechargeable (USB) & portable
- Material: BPA-free soft silicone
- Size: 6.3" x 7.5" x 10" (approx.) 
- LED lamp with steps dimmer
- Color: Yellow

Type: Lighting

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