Miffy Money Box Hand-Painted Delft Blue

Royal Delft

This Miffy is a great figurine, but also serves as a piggybank. The coins can be dropped in between her ears at the top. A plastic stop at the bottom means saved pocket money can be retrieved. The piggybank is hand painted with a Delft Blue decoration by Royal Delft painters.

- Hand painted with a Delft Blue decoration by Royal Delft painters
- Size: 4.1"× 3.3"× 7.5"
- Color: Delft Blue
- Handmade in Netherlands
- From the Nijntje (Miffy) collection


About Royal Delft's Craftmanship
Royal Delft has been creating high-quality Delft Blue since 1653. The craft of painting is at the core of the company, although other decoration techniques have been developed over the years to create high-end earthenware. Carry on reading to discover the two different techniques that Royal Delft uses to this very day to make unique blue and white objects.

Hand Painted
The origin and core of Royal Delft is the hand painting of high-quality Delft Blue pottery. Decorating starts with applying the contours with charcoal, after which the panel painters shape the details freehand with special brushes made of marten and squirrel hair. The paint is water-based and color nuances are created by mixing the paint less or more with water. The Delft Blue décor is painted with a paint that for the most part consists of cobalt oxide according to age-old recipes. Due to chemical reactions during the baking process, it changes color – hidden under the glaze – in a black-painted pattern to blue.

Type: Coin bank

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