Snuffy Night Light LED Lamp

Mr Maria

Snuffy, the brave little dog from Miffy's adventures is now shining his playful light as a nightlight. The courages friend will light up adventures in the dark, dreamed up by the little explorer asleep in their bed.

Snuffy is made of soft silicone and brings a calming and comforting light. The cheerful, energetic little friend will stay put next to the bed, her little tail calm and her eyes alert. The dark will only bring adventures and play thanks to the company of Snuffy at night.

The Snuffy nightlight is 23 centimeters tall and comes with a dimmable Mr Maria LED module, designed to be used for a full nighttime routine:

- A comforting friend during the day
- A safe nightlight when it's time to sleep
- A gentle light during a night feed
- A helpful light for a diaper change in the early hours
- Use the dim-button on the bottom to select the perfect setting of light.

Snuffy sits still to be recharged with the USB-C cable delivered in the same little box. 

- Rechargeable (USB) & portable
- Material: BPA-free soft silicone
- Size: 9" tall (approx.) 
- LED lamp with steps dimmer
- Color: White

Type: Lighting

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