Tandoori Masala Organic Spice Blend

Spice Tree Organics

Our Tandoori Masala packs a full experience for your senses- intense flavor, incredible aromatics, and bold color. Tandoori chicken is now at your fingertips without any of the artificial colors found in the take-out variety. Also delicious to make marinated chicken kabobs, tandoori turkey, chicken tikka masala and butter chicken, or even as a spice blend to use in beef and vegetable curries.

- Chicken Tikka Masala
- Tandoori Chicken
- Tandoori Turkey
- Beef Curry
- Butter Chicken

- Cracked Black Pepper*, Black Seed*, Fenugreek Seed*, Paprika*, Cumin Powder*, Turmeric Root Powder*, Coriander Seed*, Cardamom Pod*, Garam Masala*, Beet Root Powder*, Whole Clove*, Nutmeg Powder*, Cinnamon Stick* (* Organic)
- 100% Organic, additive free, pesticide free, salt free, non irradiated
- Freshly ground, hand blended

- 2 oz / 56g

- Did you know that non-organic spices are sterilized using radiation or gases with carcinogenic or toxic reproductive by products?
- The spices we use are sterilized with steam, which means they retain their incredible medicinal properties. Non-irradiated spices taste fresher, too!

- Did you know that conventional spice blends usually contain GMO ingredients, synthetic anti-caking agents, and chemical additives?
- Spice Tree Organics' blends are GMO and preservative free. We promise they contain nothing but pure spice.

- Did you know many spice blends contain fillers like salt or maltodextrin to bulk up their weight without adding additional costs?
- The Spice Tree Organics' Kitchen has tested and perfected each one of our recipes, and we make our blends filler-free so you get the most for your money.

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