Tile Tulips (310) Delft Blue

Royal Delft

Decorate your home with this beautiful Delft Blue tile from Royal Delft. This Delft Blue tile with tulips is a more modern version of the Delft Blue flowers painted within Royal Delft. The drawing has been applied by means of a screen printing technique so that the depth of the drawing is clearly visible.

- Craftsmanship: Handmade & decorated with a transfer designed by a Royal Delft master painter
- Style: Klassiek
- Size: 5.1"× 5.1" × 0.2"
- Color: Delft Blue
- Handmade in Netherlands
- From the Blueware collection


Special Order
We can customize your order with any other designs of Royal Delft tiles and products for you next home project.  Send us an email us and we're happy to help!  

About Royal Delft's Craftmanship
Royal Delft has been creating high-quality Delft Blue since 1653. The craft of painting is at the core of the company, although other decoration techniques have been developed over the years to create high-end earthenware. Carry on reading to discover the two different techniques that Royal Delft uses to this very day to make unique blue and white objects.

Transfer Technique
The decoration on these products is applied by using a transfer technique that was developed in England in the 18th century. In those days an engraved copper sheet with wet ink was pressed on tissue paper and afterwards the tissue paper was pressed on a ceramic surface. Finally, the ceramics were fired at a low temperature and the decoration appeared on the product. Nowadays the transfer is made with a screen print.

Type: Tile

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